Thursday, October 25, 2007

PKR Merapu Lagi

Memang benarlah Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) dianggotai oleh mereka yang rendah moral dan dangkal. Jika sebelum ini ketua Wanitanya, Zuraidah Kamaruddin membuat kenyataan bodoh dan kini seorang lagi pemimpin tertinggi mereka yang membuat kenyataan yang boleh dianggap boleh menjatuhkan maruah dan kreadibiliti parti mereka.

Kenyataan Timbalan Ketua Angkatan Muda PKR (AMK), Fariz Musa yang mendesak agar BPR menjalankan siasatan keatas Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said, kononnya terlibat didalam isu penyelewengan pembelian peralatan IKBN sejumlah RM8.39 juta sepertimana yang didedahkan oleh Ketua Audit Negara baru-baru ini dianggap keterlaluan.

Menurut Fariz , sudah sampai masanya BPR tidak membudayakan ʽpenangkapan ikan bilisʼ semata-mata dengan melepaskan jerung yang akan terus membaham rakyat di masa akan datang dengan imuniti kuasa yang ada pada mereka.

Dari kenyataan tersebut jelas sekali memperlihatkan bahawa pemimpin tertinggi PKR yang juga Ketua angkatan Muda bodoh dan tidak mengikuti perkembangan semasa. Dia juga tidak sedar atau mungkin buat-buat lupa bahawa nama Menteri belia dan Sukan, Datuk Azalina sememangnya langsung tidak dikaitkan malah tidak terbabit dengan isu tersebut.

Ini kerana isu penyelewengan rasuah sepertimana yang didedahkan oleh Ketua Audit Negara itu sebenarnya berlaku sebelum ahli majlis tinggi UMNO ini bergelar menteri lagi iaitu pada tahun 2002 dan 2003. Mana mungkin orang yang tidak terlibat dan tidak tahu langsung dengan skandal ini boleh diheret sama kemuka keadilan.

Menurut Ketua Pengarah Badan Pencegah Rasuah(BPR), Ahmad Said, pihaknya telah membuat siasatan terhadap kementerian dan jabatan terbabit sebelum laporan Ketua Audit Negara dikeluarkan lagi. Ini kerana maklumat serta lapuran mengenai penyelewengan tersebut telah diterima oleh pihaknya lebih awal dari itu.

Sementara itu Datuk Sri Azalina ketika dihubungi berkata, beliau telah mengarahkan telah kementerian memberi bantuan dan kerjasama kepada BPR didalam menjalankan siasatan. Beliau memberi sokongan seratus peratus kepada BPR untuk menjalankan siasatan dan berjanji tidak menyembunyikan apa-apa fakta.

Inilah buktinya Azalina seorang pemimpin yang bertanggung jawab serta berwibawa. Tindakan yang diambilnya terutama dalam hal-hal yang melibatkan salah laku serta rasuah dikalangan kakitangannya amat dititik beratkan.

Beliau juga bukan seorang yang pilih kasih kepada mana-mana pihak sekalipun, walaupun ia melibatkan pegawai atasannya beliau sendiri. Pada Azalina, gejala rasuah dikalangan pengawainya adalah sesuatu yang tidak boleh dimaafkan dan akan memastikan mereka yang bersalah akan menerima pembalasan yang sepatutnya.


Anonymous said...

Badawi telling people to speak the truth is like an ugly woman asking her husband to tell her the truth about her looks. Any husband worth his salt would know you are asking for trouble if you listen to her.

And that is the problem, Badawi is not only similarly inconsistent, he is behaving similarly womanly, indulgent, poor in leadership, spoilt by the comforts of establish rule and structure, and still wanting more but not willing to pay the price, yet still think other people should do more and owe them more, i.e. entitlement.

It is given Badawi is not the leader to oversee great changes but rather a caretaker. The best Malaysians can hope for is that he does not mess things up worst than his predecessor would have.

And there is one danger that he will leave a legacy that could be abused worst than his predecessor by sheer inertia. By entrenching the elected Sultanate system, he puts in danger the possibility of abuse by the truly ambitious. All it takes is someone mediocre but more ambitious and we would end up a basket case.

Everything else that Badawi does is irrelevant whether good or not.

Anonymous said...

We are reminding Najib and Mahathir about this, that Malaysia is not an Islamic state and it is not in a social contract.

Malay Sakai, so please tell Badawi about it. Umno has always threatened the non-malays with riots and chaos. Nobody in Malaysia has started riots and chaos except for Umno.

Umno has a deep rooted tradition of starting riots and chaos when every time they can't debate sensibly.

The social contract is there alright and many do not question it. But is the social contract followed according to the spirit or hijacked to the benefit of a few?

Just look at the number of huge projects that has failed is proof enough. Yet these are treated like normal - part of everyday happening.


All the social contract talk does not hold any water, when you have people in power, namely Umno abusing their power. In fact, they are indirectly telling you, that they have the right to abuse the power. Is this fair? Of course it is unfair. You don't even need a social contract to tell you whether it is fair or not.

Social contract didn't say that Malaysia is an Islamic state. On the contrary the social contract expressly stated that Malaysia was and is not an Islamic state.

Now the deliberate misinterpretation, apparently accepted by Umno, is that Malaysia (including Sabah and Sarawak) is an Islamic state!

Sabah and Sarawak would never have joined Malaysia if they had known that Malaysia will be deemed an Islamic state.

If the social contract meant that the non-malays would merely exchange the British masters for the malay masters, they would never have agreed to join the malays for independence.

What is the difference of having the British lording over the non-malays and having the malays doing the same to the non-malays! Probably worse. At least the British had some respect for fairness while the malays have none!

So to get independence, the malays needed the non-malays. Without the non-malays agreement, the British would not have granted independence. So, is that not also part of the social contract? It is not a one-sided malay right. The malays would not be where they are without the non-malays.

Anonymous said...

Merdeka Day is a day of shame especially on this 50th Merdeka Day. On this day you have to compare how a successful country like Singapore has done everything right and why Malaysia has done everything wrong.

On this day you will wonder why are we not better off if we are still under the British, I can assure you - we do not fall into what we are today. On this day everyone especially Sabah and Sarawak should be reminded that they should not join Malaysia in the first place.

If you ask me how great are the Umno. I would say they are shameless people just like some Ang Mok who drop their pants for all to see.

Anonymous said...

Isn't a shame to call it Islamic when the entire Umno regime is corrupted to the core and acts with impunity as though there is no God.

I would say Kelantan is more Islamic than the entire Umno regime.

This Umno regime violates every single injunction of God.

Anonymous said...

Pak Lah has been derelict in his duty and appears to be incompetent.

Current events in Malaysia speak of a government that is out of control because of Pak Lah's lack of leadership. Each time something of major public concern occurs, he hides behind the scene and lets his ministers or some other person manage the problem.

A good leader will come out in the open and lead from the front not the back.

It is not proper for the government to tell the Bar Council, the country's best legal brains, what to do when its so-called law minister does not even understand the basic notion of natural justice.

The Election Commission is another tool of the government when it is supposed to be fair and neutral. How can it claim to be an election commission when everyone knows that the electoral boundaries are so biased and skewed against democracy? Is it any wonder that the Barisan always wins the elections?

The other crucial factor is the bureaucracy, those public servants who are under the people's payroll.

In Japan, for example, you see this separation of the bureaucrats and the politicians clearly. So no matter who forms the Japanese government, the bureaucracy is able to function effectively and smoothly and in fact there is even a joke that you don't need the politicians to run the country in Japan.

The government is so used to deceit and doublespeak that it is unable to think straight and that is why it is full of contradictions. Take for example, the shameful keris waving matter. Now they are coming out and saying that it will be a permanent part of their political culture.

Western kings and princes have a ceremonial sword as part of their attire but we don't see their politicians waving swords at their political meetings do we?

But in Malaysia, reminiscent of Hitler's Nazi youth groups, can do it and we know the outcome of such behaviour years later.

The country spends untold sums of money on religion, building mosques at taxpayers expense, spending millions and millions on religious schools, yet corruption is so rampant and it affects every echelon of the economy. For years, every Malaysian knows that the traffic police are corrupt. Yet the government has not done anything to stop the corruption.

Let us face it. Call an ace an ace and a spade a spade. The Malaysia government has been in power for too long and lost its moral compass. It is lost in the jungle of greed. The only thing worse than a corrupt government official is the people who support him.

The non-malays know that Pak Lah and his cronies tell them one thing and another to their own people. They are masters of doublespeak and politicians are renowned for speaking with a forked-tongue.

More and more malays now know that only a handful of cronies take the lion's share of the nation's wealth which is meant to be distributed among them more evenly. Mahathir duped them with his plan to establish a few super rich malay tycoons.

The state of the nation is not healthy. Pak Lah's administration has failed the moral test. He himself has failed the test that he established himself. Judged by his own standards and words, he has failed. Tell me the truth, work with me, yak, yak, yak, but what do we get? The opposite! And now that the Bar Council has told him the truth - he scolds them. Shish.

Let us face the truth. Politicians are not royalty born to lead. They are given the chance to lead. Take away Pak Lah's role and what is he? Look at the high and mighty Mahathir. Where is he now?

The Malay Dilemma was a myth created by Mahathir to exploit the psyche of a victim's complex innate in the malays of yesteryears. But cunning Mahathir made it out that the British and the Chinese put the malays at a disadvantage. And after 50 years of Umno rule, what have changed?

Malaysians should not be stupid but angry that their country is being exploited by the people they elected to benefit them. It took a long time to get 5000 people to sign the petition to the King. It should have taken five minutes! Or five days.

But if I announce a free porn video, be sure I will have 500000 people sign up. The young in Malaysia had better wake up and start to do something about their country, about their future.

Don't be fooled by the politicians who say the Chinese are the enemy, the Indians are the enemy, the Malays are the enemy. There is only one enemy. The one who is corrupt. Everyone else is your friend.

Save Malaysia and take part in every activity that you can and vote out the corrupt politicians to make your country a better place.

Remember your future is in your hands and don't blame anyone if you suffer because you made the wrong choice. The last time many of us were fooled - but once bitten, twice shy. Do I need to say more?

Anonymous said...

I think if Lee Kuan Yew is given a free reign to govern Malaysia for just a single term, Malaysia will double its GDP, poverty will be cut by 50%, corruption will spiral down and our jail will be filled with Tun, Tan Sri and Datuk.

Of course it is just a dream but what a nightmare Malaysians are now suffering!

Anonymous said...

Part 1 - The origin of pendatang:

· Malays - come from Indonesia and Yunnan.
· Chinese - come from China.
· Indians - come from India.

Part 2 - Why they come to Malaysia:

· Malays - easy life, food aplenty around those days, like fish from the river etc.
· Chinese - looking for a living.
· Indians - looking for a living and goes back.

Part 3 - Pendatang's attitude:

· Malays - the words 'relax la', 'bantuan kerajaan' and 'cukup makan' are their daily words.
· Chinese - work, work and work but also spend.
· Indians - work, earn and save but spend little.

Looking at the mindsets of various pendatang. You tell me is it possible to be one Bangsa Malaysia? Never! For oil will never mix with water.

If you tell the Chinese to close down Chinese schools, the children will not taught to be hardworking anymore, so they become lazy and can they ask for bantuan kerajaan?

No! Right? So let the Chinese have more Chinese schools to teach the principle of hardworking, integrity, trustworthy etc, thus others can get more shares.

Those days the government control the Chinese schools is because of communist. Now where got communist again? Bodoh!

Anonymous said...

The most popular subject for jokes in Malaysia is the prime minister. That is all that he is good for.

Anonymous said...

I would not read Utusan Malaysia or Berita Harian, despite being paid to read it!

I cannot imagine people actually buying those papers to read it!

That is why Mahathir said the bloggers are really the last remaining hope of the nation!

Don't blame Utusan Malaysia la, it is owned by Umno, the party with low standard morons and extremists.

Utusan Malaysia, the Star, New Strait Times etc, are just a few shameless newspapers that often cover up the scandals of BN government and to make oppositions look bad.

Anonymous said...

Hats off ignorant prick, you don't feel stupid as you keep giving irrelevant example?

But in Malaysia the malays can wave keris in national TV insulted the non-malays, no persecution. One Chinese student speaks out the truth which you hypersensitive Muslims take as insult and the malays want him dead. See the double standards?

Who has the free time to insult your Islam religion?

Islam is not something great that worth the attention of the non-Muslims, the song creator only speak out the truth when you loud inconsiderate prayer disturb the non-Muslims at morning, if you don't like people comment on your holy prayer, you the inconsiderate Muslims should ask the government to ban all the mosques from using the speaker system to broadcast your loud prayer, do you get it?

You inconsiderate and lack of respect attitude that cause the comment from the non-Muslims and when we speak out you take it as insult.

Anonymous said...

ACA protects cheats, money launderers, the corrupting, lying and thieving politicians. I congratulate the ACA chief (what is his name?). Well done, good job.

Anonymous said...

I am utterly sickened by the deleterious and tirade spewed forth from the mouths of these Umno imbeciles. They certainly will not get my vote come this election. Such recalcitrants are incorrigible and their warped-minds will be their downfall, lest they sincerely repent.

Budak Baghuh said...

'Situasi BN sekarang berbahaya' (kata Tun)

PUTRAJAYA 7 Mei - Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad meminta Barisan Nasional (BN) mengambil serius tentang kemungkinan pakatan pembangkang menubuhkan kerajaan dalam masa terdekat.

Nota: Jika dahulu Anwar Ibrahim dan pembangkang yang bermain dengan perang saraf ini sebelum sidang parlimen bermula. Ketika itu Tun hanya mendiamkan diri kerana takut perkara ini benar-benar berlaku dan jika ianya berlaku ianya akan memberikan padah yang buruk kepada Tun yang tidak kita perlu jelaskan.

Tun sebenarnya yakin perkara ini tidak akan berlaku dan itulah sebabnya beliau pula yang bermain dengan perang saraf ini untuk menunjukkan kepada rakyat bahawa BN sekarang ada sebuah parti yang lemah , disebaliknya keadaan adalah berbeza kerana jika kita lihat pada perjalanan sidang Parlimen , ahli parlimen BN begitu kukuh dan bersatu.

Keadaan ini yang membuat Tun tidak senang dan cuba memecahkan keutuhan ahli parlimen yang kukuh bersatu ini.

Bekas Perdana Menteri itu berkata, pada mulanya beliau mengabaikan tentang kemungkinan tersebut tetapi setelah meneliti situasi yang ada, keadaan sekarang begitu berbahaya.''Saya fikir ini ada kemungkinan (pertukaran kerajaan) yang tidak boleh kita abaikan.''Pada masa ini, ahli-ahli politik menunjukkan minat tentang berapa banyak yang boleh mereka peroleh dan mereka tidak betul-betul berminat untuk berkhidmat kepada negara,'' katanya kepada pemberita di Yayasan Kepimpinan Perdana di sini hari ini.


Bukan Tun abaikan selama ini, Tun sebenarnya risau jika ini benar berlaku .Tun berani berbicara pasal ini kerana yakin ini tidak akan berlaku lagi dan telah nampak akan kekuatan ahli BN,Tun mungkin terlambat untuk membicarakan hal sebegini dan seolah-olah Tun bercakap diluar pemikiran beliau yang matang dan kebelakangan ini, Tun banyak menyalahkan UMNO dan BN , semua yang bersama BN dilihatnya sebagai salah dan tidak baik. Apa sebenarnya yang Tun mahukan kita tidak dapat pastikan lagi. Agak keterlaluan jika Tun menuduh ahli politik tidak berminat untuk berkhidmat kepada negara. Apakah Tun mahu mengatakan bahawa hanya beliau sahaja yang berminat untuk berkhidmat kepada negara. Tun sepatutnya berihat dan tidak perlu lagi berkhidmat kepada negara , Tun juga sepatutnya sedang berihat dan tidak perlu mencampuri urusan kerajaan lagi kerana kita ada Perdana Menteri dan Timbalan Perdana Menteri serta ahli-ahli kebinet telah diamanahkan untuk menguruskan negara.

Jelas Dr. Mahathir lagi , desakan untuk melompat parti timbul apabila tidak wujud lagi kesetiaan kepada parti dan sesetengah pihak yang merasakan mereka tidak mendapat apa-apa sekarang mempunyai peluang mendapat jawatan penting dalam kerajaan baru.Ditanya adakah perkara tersebut dirasakan satu kebimbangan besar baginya, beliau berkata, sekiranya tindakan lompat parti itu berlaku, negara ini akan mengalami lebih banyak konflik.Mengenai ahli-ahli Parlimen yang mungkin melompat parti, Dr. Mahathir berkata, UMNO dan parti komponen utama dalam BN seperti MIC dan MCA mempunyai akar umbinya di Semenanjung tetapi keadaan berbeza di Sabah dan Sarawak.'Walaupun UMNO ada di Sabah, ia tidak sama di sini (Semenanjung), mereka pernah ada USNO dan Pairin Kitingan dulu juga pernah mendapat sokongan daripada orang-orang ini.''Jadi, bolehkah kita yakin yang mereka akan terus memberikan kesetiaan yang kuat kepada UMNO, saya tidak fikir begitu,'' katanya.


Tun sebenarnya tidak perlu bimbang dengan apa yang sedsang bergolak sekarang , kerana semuanya telah berjalan dengan baik dan lancar. Pak Lah dan Najib tahu apa yang mereka lakukan. Tun tidak perlu bimbang kerana mereka ini juga sayangkan UMNO dan BN juga, dan tidak mungkin akan meleppaskan kerajaan ini dengan begitu mudah sekali. Kalau Tun hanya duduk diam dan tidak mencampuri urusan kedua kepimpina tertinggi ini Insyaalah , kita akan kembali kukuh dan kuat kembali. Cukuplah sudah apa yang telah Tun lakukan sebelum ini,Rakyat sudah mula bosan dengan cara dan tingkah Tun yang sedaya upaya mahu menjatuhkan Perdana Menteri dan Timbalan beliau.

Kata Tun lagi "Malah, beliau berkata, terdapat beberapa ahli Parlimen di Semenanjung yang jika mereka fikir boleh mendapat sesuatu daripada kerajaan baru, kumpulan tersebut juga bersedia melompat parti''Ini terutama apabila dirasakan jika berbuat demikian, mereka akan dapat terus berada dalam kerajaan,'' katanya.Kata beliau, keadaan tersebut berbeza berbanding dahulu ketika BN memiliki majoriti lebih dua pertiga.Katanya, ketika itu tidak timbul masalah kemungkinan ahli-ahli Parlimen melompat parti kerana BN dan jika terdapat parti komponen berpaling tadah sekali pun, mereka tidak mampu menubuhkan kerajaan.''Berbeza sekarang apabila melompat dan sertai kerajaan lain, mereka tidak akan mengalami apa-apa kerugian malah boleh mewujudkan permainan politik,'' katanya.

Dalam perkembangan lain, Dr. Mahathir membidas larangan kepada bahagian UMNO untuk mengadakan mesyuarat agung khas (EGM) dan menyifatkannya ia sebagai suatu yang tidak demokratik.''Itulah UMNO yang ada sekarang, ini bukan UMNO yang sebenar (berbeza), pada zaman saya dahulu UMNO melaksanakan kempen untuk menentang saya tetapi mereka tidak dihalang.''Sekarang kita tidak boleh bercakap tentang apa yang kerajaan tidak suka,'' katanya.

Sambil memberikan contoh, Dr. Mahathir berkata, selepas Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-12, beliau ada menyatakan hasrat ingin bertemu dengan Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak bagi membincangkan isu-isu semasa atas rasa keprihatinannya tentang apa yang berlaku dalam UMNO.''Dia (Najib) kata dia akan datang jumpa saya tetapi perlu mendapat kebenaran dahulu daripada Perdana Menteri. Rupanya dia tidak mendapat kebenaran, jadi, sampai sekarang dia tidak berjumpa saya ''Ini sungguh teruk apabila Perdana Menteri tidak mempercayai timbalannya.

Pada zaman saya, saya mempercayai timbalan saya sehinggalah dia melakukan sesuatu yang pelik,'' katanya.Menurut Dr. Mahathir, UMNO perlu membenarkan EGM di bahagian-bahagian bagi membolehkan ahli-ahli parti membuat perubahan ke atas peraturan kuota 30 peratus bagi membolehkan pertandingan bagi jawatan tertinggi parti dilaksanakan.''Jika tidak dapat mengubah syarat kuota tersebut, dengan sikap ketua-ketua bahagian sekarang, tidak ada satu bahagian pun yang akan mencalonkan orang lain kecuali Pak Lah (Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi).''Jadi, jika tidak ada 60 bahagian UMNO yang mencalonkan sesiapa kecuali Pak Lah, maka pada Disember ini, beliau akan menang tanpa bertanding... (kerana) orang sungguh takut dan amalan cium tangan telah bermula,'' katanya.


Jelas disini Tun telah mula menghidu akan sokongan pemimpin UMNO kepada Pak Lah kian kuat dan kebimbangan beliau kemungkinan sesiapa sahaja yang bertanding untuk menentang Presiden atau Timbalan Presiden tidak akan mendapat pencalonan telah jelas terbayang di mata beliau dan kebimbangan inilah yang membuat Tun cuba untuk membuat satu 'Spin' dalam perang saraf beliau untuk menunjukkan bahawa UMNO itu lemah.Sebaiknya Tun berihat sahaja dan biarlah generasi baru ini mengendalikan UMNO.Yang berada di belakang Tun sekarang boleh di kira - Khir Toyo , Fuad Zakarsi , Muhiyuddin , Syed Ali Al Habshee dan juga anak beliau Mukhriz. Tengku Li .

Tun gagal melebarkan pengaruhnya setelah Pak Lah dan Najib bercantum kukuh. Sepatutnya jika Najib enggan bertemu dengan Tun, Tun fahamlah kenapa Najib tidak mahu bertemu dengan Tun, langkah Najib itu bertepatan kerana nawaitu Tun untuk bertemu dengan Najib bukjannya membawa kebaikan tetapi akan menyulitkan Najib. Kalau Tun terus mahu berpolitik , tubuh lah parti baru kerana ahli UMNO sekarang mahu menumpukan kepada pemulihan UMNO dan menumpukan kepada tugasan harian.

Mereka tidak mampu untuk berpolitik setiap hari kerana mereka bukannya rakyat yang telah pencen yang banyak masa untuk berpolitik sepanjang minit dan sepanjang jam.Insyaalah BN dan UMNO dalam proses pemulihan dan kami tak perlu ubat yang tidak ketentuan yang dibawa oleh tenguk Li yang jiwanya kacau mahu menjadi presiden parti dan PM.


AIDC said...


Siapa taja Anwar PRU 12 ?

Video 6- Siapa taja Anwar ?

Video 5- Anwar Muslim Moderate ?

Video 4- Anwar gugurkan Negara Islam PAS

Sumber :

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